Young Artists Workshops with a Hazelhurst Artist

Date: 5th-29th Aug 10am-12.30pm or 1.30-4pm

Hazlehurst Studios is an artist collective housing many local creative people. The studios have been based on Runcorn High Street for 10 years and provide high quality art experiences for the community. Over the summer, Hazlehurst Artists will be exploring Norton Priory's history through different art forms including paper making, sculpture and nature art. Claire Pitt and Rachael Prime from Hazlehurst will be leading child-friendly sessions sharing their combined 20 years experience of creating art within the community.

There are two sessions each day:

10am-12:30pm and 13:30pm-4pm

  • Fri 5th Aug: St Christoper’s - making faux stained glass
  • Sat 6th Aug: Stone Coffin lids - weird and wonderful paper craft and rubbings
  • Sun 7th Aug: Tiles - exploring Norton Priory’s tiles and making our own
  • Mon 8th Aug: Mosaic - exploring the art of mosaics using paper
  • Fri 12th Aug: Making Paper
  • Sat 13th Aug: The Golden Apple (Quince) - exploring its appearance through mythology  and creating a story apple
  • Sun 14th Aug: Bring out your dead - exploring skeletons with shadow puppets
  • Mon 15th Aug: Illuminated letters  - monks and art with gold leaf and ink (oxgall ink)
  • Fri 26th Aug: Recreate the Moss covered monk - with clay and moss 
  • Sat 27th Aug: Making art with Nature - pressed flowers and leaves inpired by a nature walk
  • Sun 28th Aug: Weird medicines -  create labels for your own potions with glass bottles, warts and all!
  • Mon 29th Aug: Maps - creating your own adventures

Advisable for children 8+ and one parent may stay per child, children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets are £3 per child + museum entry.

Book tickets via the Art Tickets website here