Bone Detectives Comes to Norton Priory Museum & Gardens

Published: 29/08/2020

Channel 4's new Saturday night series, 'The Bone Detectives: Britain's Buried Secrets', follows Dr. Tori Herridge and a team of specialists as they uncover the lives behind archaeological skeletal remains.

The series, which uses a combination of on location and studio filming, visited Norton Priory in December and returned to Runcorn in January to complete filming for one of the later episodes.

Three of the medieval skeletons from the Norton Priory site were used in the filming of the show, which seeks to discover some of the mysteries revealed by the bones, whilst also exploring the lives of those people, and the time in which they lived.
Bone Detectives was shown on Saturday 10 October on Channel 4 but don’t worry if you missed it – you can watch it right now on All4 by searching ‘Bone Detectives’ or clicking this link.

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