Giant Himalayan Lily Finally Flowers

Published: 22/06/2021

Unusual giant lily set to bloom at Norton Priory Walled Garden this summer!

The Giant Himalayan Lily (Cardiocrinum Giganteum) is one of the slower plants taking from five to ten years to flower.

This towering plant grows up to 2.5 metres high. A bulbous perennial, the lily has heart-shaped leaves and up to twenty large fragrant trumpet-shaped white flowers marked with purple within the mouth.

Head Gardener, John Budworth, said: “The Giant Himalayan Lilies are slow growers, but they are definitely worth the wait! These went in around five years ago. There are three plants in the cottage garden, in front of the wisteria and I am sure visitors will be thrilled to see these powerfully fragrant flowers when they open.

“After blooming the plant dies, the blossoms are followed by decorative seed heads. This seed is scattered in winter. The plant may have also produced small offset bulbs at its base, which can produce new flowers within a few years.”